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Take. Bless. Break. Give. 

These are the actions of Jesus. Over and over again, throughout the Gospel accounts, Jesus takes food, he blesses it, breaks it up, and gives it to the people. This is not his work alone, he also instructs his followers to do the same.


St. Naucratius follows the Lord's instruction to "do this in remembrance of me." (See his story on the next page).


The Order of Naucratius is an organization of hunters and fishers who share their harvests with those who are hungry.


We are a religious organization of hunters and fishermen, who take game from God's creation. We harvest these animals for food and for good stewardship.


We believe that killing our own food is a sacred and ethical act. So, we pray as we hunt, fish, and butcher.


We set up a process by which hunters and fishermen can bring their game to be prayerfully processed, stored, and distributed to those in need. 


Jesus says, "You feed them." and "Do this in rememberance of me." So, that is what we aim to do: feed a hungry world with food for the body, as well as food for the soul.

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