"The second of the four brothers, Naucratius was drawn by an irresistible impulse and went off to a life of solitude and poverty. He took nothing with him but himself, save that one of the servants named Chrysapius followed him, So he lived by himself, having found a solitary spot on the banks of the Iris River. By it the young man found a place with a luxuriant growth of trees and a hill nestling under the mass of the overhanging mountain. There he lived far removed from the noises of the city and the distractions that surround the lives both of the soldier and the pleader in the law courts. Having thus freed himself from the din of cares that impedes man's higher life, with his own hands he looked after some old people who were living in poverty and feebleness, So the generous youth would go on fishing expeditions, and since he was expert in every form of sport, he provided food to his grateful clients by this means. And at the same time by such exercises he was taming his own manhood.

He was snatched suddenly away from life. Having started out on one of the expeditions, by which he provided necessaries for the old men under his care, he was brought back home dead, together with Chrysapius who shared his life."

* Excerpted from The Life of Macrina by St. Gregory of Nyssa

St. Naucratius' Story 

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