We believe that hunting and fishing are sacred activities.  We are grateful for God’s gifts and we hope to use our skills, and endeavors to help spread God’s Kingdom. Our main activity is to share portions of our harvests with those who are hungry.


The Order of Naucratius is a society within the Episcopal Church. We commit ourselves to three rules of life: Prayer, Conservation, and Charity.

What we Do

Naucratius chose to use his skills of hunting and fishing to provide food for his neighbors. Members of the Order do the same thing. We set up a process by which our members can bring their catch or kill for processing and distribution.

We also enjoy several opportunities for retreat and fellowship throughout the year.

How We Do It

We have several processes for meat distribution. Some chapters choose to butcher and process meat on their own (by professional processors or in their church kitchens). Or, thanks to our partnership w/ Trinity Oaks we have an animal drop-off location in San Antonio where all animals can be processed. Lastly, we are involved in management hunts and can provide logistical support to pick up bulk numbers of animals from large game ranch operations.

Doing It Right

All processing is performed in commercial kitchens that are subject to local regulations and inspections.  Furthermore, all members are under the direction of individuals who have been licensed by local agencies.


What Can You Do?

Join an already existing chapter, or start one in your church. Or, just go hunting and fishing and share your harvest with your neighbors in need.

If you're interested in Having Fr. Rod come to your church and have a Game Dinner and presentation of our ministry, send us an email on our contact page.